How Did Islam Spread

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Islam was a very unique and excellent religion that was believed to start in mecca and medina at the start of the seventh century 610 CE. Muhammad was actually the founder of Islam. The Muslims had many different and creative beliefs, a small portion of those beliefs were that Islam was a “world region”, and that it was the biggest religion out there. The Islam was not the biggest religion out there, that belief is false. A different variety of people though that Islam was loved more by god, Islam 's had a false fact that they were loved a lot more than any other religion by god. This belief is false because god loved all people equally and really still does. Military conquest is the main purpose that the Islamic spread, Islam spread starting in the seventh century and all the way into now, the present.…show more content…
Without war Islam would not be able to conquer war nor land , and if they wouldn 't of conquered land they would not of been able to spread the word about the religion of Islam. And if they wouldn 't of spread the word they would not have a big region of Islamics. In this section of history the military was conquering Jerusalem. The empire was spreading into the place where Jerusalem was. WIthout having the threat of war there is no peace treaty in 630 (pg 6 Islamic Expansion). This information that I have showed makes us readers realize that war was a very important part of the spread of christianity, without war we would not have many places and building they had when the Islamics had
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