Islamic Culture

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The religion of Islam was influenced in the early 600s, trading was their way of spreading their ideas and inventions to be learned. The Islamic culture began to spread from Persia in the east to southern west Europe and the north of Africa. The Islamic culture influenced and impacted Europe in numerous ways, affecting such varied areas as medicine, literature, and technology. All these three categories show the influence and impact of Islam on Europe. The Islamic contributions have had a considerable effect on the development of Europe because in the old times Europe absorbed knowledge from Islamic civilizations. Those are the ideas that made Europe such a well-developed continent.

Islamic culture had made important discoveries in the medical
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The most popular fiction from the Islamic world was the Book of One Thousand and One Nights, which was a book assembling information collected from other sources such as the earlier folk tales. The tales themselves date back to the Ancient and Medieval Arabic, Persian, Indian and Mesopotamian cultures. The first versions of this book are from the 10th-century A.D.and it reached its final form in the 14th century A.D. This book became influential to the Europeans when it was translated by Antoine Galland in the 18 Century A.D.Its popularity increased geographical and historical knowledge, as its settings were in places of which little was known. The western authors were inspired by this book and used…show more content…
One of the best inventions which highly influenced the European inventors was the universal astrolabe. The universal astrolabe was invented by Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al- Zarqali. It was well known in Europe as Sahara, meaning the observation tube ( without lens). This instrument influenced the development of a telescope. This is significant because the telescope gives us the ability to see what we thought we could never see. Without the invention of the universal astrolabe, there would have been no telescope and that would have had a high impact on our knowledge about the universe. Another invention which influenced the European technologies was the universal horary quadrant. Islamic astronomers invented this instrument to determine the hour, it was very important in the Medieval Times to calculate the time using the altitude of the sun. It influenced the Europeans to extend the Islamic ideas into more developed ideas. This is remarkable because technology is anything useful invented by a mind and without technology, the human race wouldn’t survive, so the new technology invented by the Islamic people introduced the Europeans to a better way of living.

Islamic medicine, technology, and literature were some of the major categories which highly influenced and impacted the Europeans. All the three topics impacted and influenced the Europeans because of most of the inventions today, for
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