How Did Israel Eat Unleavened Spread?

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The story of Israel is one of the significant stories in the Holy Bible, which tells us all about the relationship between God and mankind. Here we will have a closer look at the feast of unleavened bread of Israel when they were about to fled from Egypt.
After years slavery in Egypt, Israel was rescued by the Lord their God. Moses was the chosen one who instructed Israel for the escape, part of that escape plan was the Passover. The feast of unleavened bread happened immediately after the Passover which was part of the preparation for the exit out of Egypt of the Israelites; it started on the fourteenth day of the first month in Hebrew calendar, and ended on the twenty first day in the same month.
In the first place the Lord commanded Israel to eat unleavened bread because there was not enough time; they were told to eat in
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In Exodus 12:18 says: “From the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month until the evening of the twenty-first day of this month you will eat unleavened bread”. Exodus 12:7-9 says that Israel was told to leave Egypt in haste; they had no time to wait for their dough to rise. Unleavened bread was to eat during the Passover meal with bitter herb and roasted lamb.
We find also this verse about how important of the regulations of the feast were. It says “for seven days no leaven may be found in your houses; for anyone, a resident alien or a native, who eats leavened food, will be cut off from the community of Israel.” (Exodus 12:19). It shows clearly that the feast of unleavened bread was very significant to Israel; therefore its rules and regulations was strictly observed and instructed because it commemorates how Israel was to escape from their slavery. Those who eat leavened bread were to be cut off from the community of
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