How Did Jackie Robinson Impact Society

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As Jackie Robinson once said “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”. There is no doubt that Jackie Robinson has been one of most impactful baseball players to ever play the sport. For reasons such as pushing himself to reach his goals, facing many hardships, and being the first African American to play in the MLB, he has shown perseverance and been a role model to everyone.
The first reason how Jackie Robinson has impacted society is how he worked hard to reach his goals. By not giving up, he was an inspiration to others. In the text it says "Robinson was arrested and court-martialed in 1944 for refusing to give up his seat and move to the back of a segregated bus” ( This shows how he was racially
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The third reason why Jackie Robinson was so impactful was because his influence on African Americans. In the text it says "Robinson also became a vocal champion for African-American athletes, civil rights, and other social and political causes. In July 1949, he testified about discrimination before the House Un-American Activities Committee. In 1952, he publicly called out the Yankees as a racist organization for not having broken the color barrier five years after he began playing with the Dodgers" ( This quote shows how he courageously spoke out for all African American rights. He believed that everyone should have equal rights. This quote fits in with what I know, because I believe that everyone should be treated equal too. No one should be harshly treated for who they are. In the text it also says "Jackie Robinson broke the color bar in 1947. He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and became the first African American to play major league baseball in the 20th century " (gale). This quote explains his first appearance in the MLB as an African American. Jackie Robinson had his mind set on his goal. He did not give up because he was different. Although he encountered many hardships, he continued to try his hardest and eventually joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. This fits in with what I know because people today are still bashed for their race. People like Jackie Robinson broke that barrier by their natural athletic ability, and became an inspiration to athletes all over the
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