How Did Jackie Robinson Portrayed In The Movie 42

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The film, 42, is the portrayal of the life of Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to be recruited to play for a Major League team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course, because he was the first African American, people did not take so kindly to him taking such a daring step into the White world. This film is a biopic that describes how Robinson was treated and how he was resilient enough to finish off the season and pave the way for more African Americans to enter Major League Baseball. Not only can the film be considered a just a biopic, but it can be considered so much more. It was extremely important for this film to hit the big screens because it serves as an educational film for Americans who did…show more content…
Jackie Robinson was a first, not only for African Americans in baseball, but also in other sports. His influence did not just stop there. He made it possible for people to believe in themselves to breakthrough and fulfill their own kinds of “firsts”. Jackie Robinson is an influential figure and also a representational one. It is important for people to know who he is, especially young African American children, because it gives them hope for their lives. It gives them hope that their own lives won’t be as bad as it may seem at the moment. It has a certain symbolism that demonstrates that in life, people have to go through hardships before it gets better. It is the perfect movie for this kind of message.
So, yes, the movie, 42, is a biopic, but it cannot be limited to just that. It is so much more and it deserves the recognition. If it never were to be featured on the big screen, it would have never offered such inspiration and education. Being on the big screen has allowed the film to reach the bigger population and create an impact in society, more specifically on the younger generations. It is an iconic movie and limiting it to the genre of a biopic is just
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