How Did James Madison Influence Government

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Delegate Profile Born on March 16, 1751 in Port Conway, Virginia; James Madison is one of the founding fathers for the United States and was the fourth American president, who served from 1809 to 1817 in office. Father of the Constitution, was his nickname since he composed the rough drafts of the Bill of Rights and the U.S Constitution. In his entire family, he’s the oldest of the 12 children of Nellie Conway Madison and James Madison Sr. In Orange County, Virginia, he was raised on a family plantation within Montpelier. Later he left his family plantation and went to attend the College of New Jersey at the age of 18. After he graduated from New Jersey, Madison took a great interest in the relationship between Britain and the American colonies.…show more content…
Unlike the Articles of Confederation, which gave more power to individual states which made them more as a separate country than a union. Which did not work really well. I propose that we need a strong federal government which could help order and regulate the state legislatures and create a greater system in order to raise federal money. With the constitution active, the government will always be separated into three branches. The judicial, executive and legislative. With each branch having a limited amount of power. We also must remember that men are not angels. However, I believe that with a system of checks and balances, human nature will not affect government as much. In order for this to happen, we must allow each branch to guard against the powers of others and provide protection for their constitutional province. Instead of a president having a limited power. I propose that the man chosen as president should be able to take all for themselves, being able to choose the state’s presidential electors. I also suggest that we stop using our current system for electing the president. I would say that we should use a national popular vote. Since the people within the United States is rather at large. Even though this puts southern states at a great electoral disadvantage. I propose that the population decides how much representatives a state has. Which would mean that states with a large population would contain more representatives than…show more content…
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