How Did James Monroe Contribute To The Revolutionary War

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James Monroe was relieved to return to its policy of isolationism after the war. He preferred to be isolated from other countries until 1821 when a revolution occurred due to the Spanish troops that were driven out of South America after 2 leaders liberated South America. Latin American nations were able to open their doors to foreign trade including Great Britain, who supported the revolutions. Once Great Britain asked the United States to join them in helping Spain recover its lost colonies and to leave Latin America alone, Monroe, Jefferson, and Madison liked the idea of joining together with them. Monroe got more involved and made a speech called the Monroe Doctrine, which was to congress stating that the nations of North and South America …show more content…

will stop trading with their enemy. Great Britain agreed to the deal, but then Madison cut off all trade with them due to their secret plans to continue seizing American ships after the deal. Later, Harrison led a militia force to defeat Indians due to their conflicts with them when settlers moved onto the Ohio and Mississippi valleys and pushed Indians off their lands. Later, Americans found out that the Indians were armed with British guns. In order to make northwestern frontier safe for settlers, the U.S. needed to drive the British out of Canada so Canada could be added to the U.S. Congress declared war on Great Britain because of the losses at sea, national pride, and a desire to make the frontier safe for settlement. Great Britain burned the white house and other buildings, but in the end, the American flag still waved the fort, proving that the fort had not been captured by Great Britain. Madison encouraged congress to declare war and solved many conflicts by violence with other countries, causing him to be involved with other countries

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