How Did James Watt Affected The Industrial Revolution

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James Watt profoundly affected the Industrial Revolution with his work. He changed the way of living and helped revolutionize the world to create a better quality of life. Through several failed attempts and thorough research on steam engines and latent heat —the thermal energy released or absorbed during a constant-temperature process—this brilliant inventor developed a steam engine that introduced a separate condenser to avoid energy loss and, therefore, improved the efficiency, power and cost-effectiveness of steam engines. This is in contrast with contemporary engine designs that lost large amounts of energy due to repeatedly cooling and reheating the cylinder. Watt’s invention became a universal source of power and provided one of the most…show more content…
The steam engine operated numerous different sorts of machinery, which then sparked the urge to make structures, machines, better developments and better items. A great example are the streets that we drive on today. They are the product of high energy machines and street rollers, which were altogether based on the steam engine. The steam engine likewise led the development of various strategies for transportation. Steam engines brought upon the production of steam trains, which brought about better methods for transportation, for example, planes, automobiles and buses. All of which I have used in my lifetime and will continue to use. Vehicles are a requirement to my regular daily existence and on account of the steam engine I am able to travel from one place to another, visit family, friends, and go to school. Besides travel, transportation allows trade between people and countries, deliveries of every sort and imports and exports of various items. All of which are regularly a part of my life. For example, imports, exports and exchanges are all techniques that help me get food and other essential
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