How Did Jane Austen Impact The Literary World

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Jane Austen, oh where to begin? Such a talented writer, whose life was cut short but had and still has a profound impact on the literary world. She was born to a minister who also liked to farm to bring in extra money for the family. Her family consisted of Mom, Dad, and 5 brothers and 1 sister. Her only sister was the one she was closest to and had the strongest bond. She and her sister, Cassandra liked to work together on her work. Jane would do the writing while Cassandra put her artistic ability to good use and drew pictures to go along with the stories. The kids from oldest to youngest was James, George, Edward, Henry, Cassandra ( her mother was also named Cassandra), Francis, Jane, and Charles. Jane was born in December of 1775. She was educated pretty much by her…show more content…
Love and Friendship and The History of England are now known as Jane’s Juvenilia. These stories were written in bound notebooks. Jane was definitley not a boring person. She could dance very well and was very intelligent. In 1805 her daddy died and she, her mom and Cassandra found themselves financially in trouble. They were able to stay with various family members and friends until they were able to get on their feet in 1809. Her brother Edward allowed them to move into his cottage. It was at that time that Jane could settle down and write like she wanted. Her writings were published between 1811 and 1815. Sense and Sensibility was published in 1811 when Jane was 35 years old with Jane being identified as “a lady”. Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813 again with Jane being identified as “a lady”. She was identified again as “a lady” in 1814 when Mansfield Park was published. Emma was published in 1815 once again with Jane being identified as “a lady”. She started writing her next to last novel in 1816 and it was named Persuasion. It was finished in 1817 just as her health was beginning to
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