How Did Japan Influence The Tang Dynasty

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When building their country, it is no surprise that Japan looked to their neighbors, China, to model their country. During The Great Reform of 645, Japan began forming their imperial nation. From government to economy to philosophy, Japan created a nation based off the Tang Dynasty. Japan boldly adopted legal codes, confucian policies, and even the risky land distribution system. In particular, Japan in the beginning of its rule enacted certain systems to rid their nation of the clansmen who controlled different districts. By modeling Tang policies of administration and land distribution, Japan was able to rid themselves of internal enemies as well as allow the Tang Dynasty lived on in Japan for centuries to come. One of Shōtoku’s first acts was to eliminate the clan leaders that divided power in Japan. To take away their power, the prince enacted a decree that stated “under the heavens there isn't land which is not the king’s land. Among holders of land there is none who is not the king’s vassal.” Using this decree to disperse the clan leaders, in their place a system of local governors and administrators was established. This new model was identical to the Tang’s bureaucracy. And like the Tang, Japan created a new, loyal aristocracy who were granted power by the throne to replace the…show more content…
When Japan began to unify, looking to its most powerful neighbor for guidance was the best choice for the budding empire. Using centralized government policies found in the Tang Dynasty, Japan was able to centralize their nation very quickly. By eliminating clansman through legislature and then replacing them with administrators; Japan created a new, loyal aristocracy. By emulating Tang’ land reforms, Japan successfully enacted a taxation system that they could modify as the empire changed. Without China, especially the Tang Dynasty, Japan would not have formed such a stable nation in
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