How Did Jason's Journey To Build The Argo

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The Argo is a mythical ship sailed by Jason and the Argonauts. The builder of the Argo was Argus. Argus had the help of Athena, a goddess, to build the Argo. The ship was grand and had 50 oars. The main beam was made from a solid piece of oak from Zeus’ sacred grove and had a mystical power of speech. The Argo was built for a great quest to cross the Black Sea, get the Golden Fleece and bring it back to Iolcus. When the ship was completed, the leader of the Argonauts, Jason, christened the ship the Argo after the shipbuilder, his cousin, Argus. On their journey to get the Golden Fleece the Argonauts encountered many trials. During their trials the Argonauts were lucky because they had three powerful goddesses on their side: Athena, Hera and…show more content…
The people were called Doliones. Their King was called Cyzicus. The earthmen lived nearby did not bother the Doliones, but when they saw the Argo they decided to raid the ship. Hercules saw them throw rocks at the Argo So Hercules got out his bow and arrows and shot them to death. After the king showed them how to go to Colchis they left the island. But while they were leaving a strong wind blew them off course in the dark. In the darkness they saw an island with people on it. The people had armor on so a battle began. The Argonauts won a not so pleasant battle because when the sun came back up again, they found that they fought with the Doliones. They left again and went to the mouth of the river…show more content…
After he completed these tasks he could try to get the Golden Fleece from the sleepless dragon that guarded it. Medea, who loved Jason, helped him in all of the trials. She gave him an ointment to put on his body and weapons. She told him to throw a boulder where they were rising from the ground. She also put the sleepless dragon to sleep so Jason could steal the Golden Fleece. Knowing her life was in jeopardy she left with the Argonauts. And she cut her little brother into pieces and threw into the sea. King Aeetes chose not to follow the Argonauts so that his son’s remains could be picked up and put back together for a proper burial. This allowed the Jason and the Argonauts to escape with Medea. They went to the island of Circe, where Jason and Medea were purified by the will of the gods through Circe, without knowing who Medea had murdered. Upon realizing what Medea had done to her brother, Circe then kicked them off the island. In conclusion, the Argonauts, included Jason, Atalanta, Hercules, Pollux, Castor, Polydeuces, Orpheus, Peleus, Holdfast, Holdfast, Pullhard, Zetas, Calais, Tiphys and Mopsos. The Argonauts were given a near impossible quest by King Pelias to get the Golden Fleece. They faced many challenges and they were assisted by Medea. With her help the Argonauts were successful in their quest. They returned to Greece and

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