How Did Jefferson Contribute To The Develpoment

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While both Lincoln and Washington led the Untied States during war, Jefferson however led the major develpoment of our Country. Jefferson contributed greatly in the develpoment of our democratic government. His service of 50 years for our country was much longer than washington 's or Lincoln 's. He also pushed for expansion out west and supported explorations. Jefferson is was clearly the strongest not on the battlefield, but in developing the United States with the freedoms we have today. Jefferson 's contributions to the develpoment of democracy in the United States was unmatched by anyone. He wrote the document the founded our nations freedom and independence. "He was one of the two or three key philosophical thinkers of his time that laid the ideological foundation of America"(Jacobson). His ideas and philosophies are what shaped our country into what it is today.He was also a large supporter of the spread of knowledge. "He shared [his] passion for learning in teh building of the University of Virginia. He [also] built the American Library System"(Jacobson). With the Library System any community had access to large volumes of information and knowledge. Jefferson 's contributions to the United states were monumental in the development of our…show more content…
While what Jefferson contributed to our country was never outmatched, his time of service wasn 't either. He served the country for 50 years and hel multiple positions in office where he helped in the development of our country. Lincoln, while it wasn 't his fault, only served the country for five years, and Washington served two terms as Commander in Chief. While Jefferson was in office he had six different positons in office ranging from Governor to President. Jefferson not only put the effort in he put the time in to help our
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