How Did Jefferson Davis Start

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For Jefferson Davis, it was a Sunday like any other, however, for the Union army, it was the beginning of the end for the Confederate leader. While in church, Davis received a telegram from General Robert E.Lee stating the Union army was marching towards Richmond and the city would surely fall in the next couple days I advise that all preparation be made for leaving Richmond tonight. --General Lee 's telegram to President Jefferson Davis and that his army could partially fall apart. Davis left church and hurried home to pack his stuff to escape with his wife, Varina ,far away from Richmond. The next day Davis and his advisors prepared to leave the capital at the break of dawn. The train that was to take Davis and his family to freedom was scheduled to arrive on April 2 at 8:30 pm on Sunday night; however, the train was…show more content…
Davis went to college at Jefferson College in Mississippi before transferring to Transylvania University in Lexington. He was a popular public figure to the Confederates. He was known for leading the southern states and for starting the Civil War by telling the Confederates to attack at Fort Sumter. Davis really wanted to be the general of the Confederates but he was not able to raise enough money and he could not get the governor to agree to fight in the war but they decided to have Davis be the very first confederate president in the entire U.S. Although Davis did not really want to be the Confederates president he accepted their offer on 1801 and became the first Confederate president. He was a very good man and took being the president very seriously. Jefferson Davis will always an amazing president for the confederacy. In the result of Civil War slavery was ended. Jefferson Davis may have lost the war but he taught us the importance of standing up for what we believe in as he kept us fighting and telling us to never give up during all of the battles of the Civil
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