Why Jesse James Turned To A Life of Crime

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Jesse James was a legendary American outlaw who murdered, robbed banks and trains. Although, some people see him as the courageous robin hood sharing the wealthier people 's riches to the poor. No one ever knew what his main purpose was. He was born on September 5, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri. He was raised in a household full of violent and unstable family members, especially his step-father who treated him and his brother frank poorly. Which explains why Jesse and Frank turned to lives of crime. His brother joined the war as a confederate soldier at an early age which was very common back then. Soon both of the became confederate sympathizers. Both Jesse and Frank joined William Quantrill’s Missouri guerrilla force, after they joined the group and jesse committed and participated in the devastation that killed twentyfive unarmed union soldiers in 1963. When the war ended they both had no enthusiasm for the slum life of a Missouri farmer, they thought living with their guns and committing crimes seemed easier and more exciting than wasting their life away on a farm.…show more content…
history on Valentine’s Day in running off with 57,000 dollars. For the next few years they robbed banks, stagecoaches and stores. For about a good twenty years or so during the early 1800’s the James Gang was the most feared outlaws in America because of their assertiveness and reluctance of mercy. During their lifetime of crime the James Gang committed over 20 crimes and stole more than 200,000 dollars in valuables and money. Their actions soon were looked upon as a success to the confederacy. Missouri found that their wrong doing were somewhat of a benefit, actively trying to further and progress the confederate
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