How Did Jim Crow Laws Impact Society

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Although laws are put in place to protect the citizens on which it is enforced, no system of government is perfect. There are times in which laws are passed that have a controversial effect on society, be it the segregation of race or religion, or the NSA spying on US citizens. Based on this, it can be concluded that civil disobedience is a peaceful way to express the unjustness of a law in hopes of change. Rosa Parks is an excellent example of civil disobedience having a positive impact on society. After peacefully violating the Jim Crow law that enforced segregation, Parks was arrested in order to raise discourse on the treatment of African Americans in American society. Her imprisonment then sparked a boycott of the public bus system that eventually led to the abolishment of law-enforced segregation in America. Parks’ example of civil disobedience had a clear positive impact on our free society, as she was able to bring the issue of segregation to light. Also, by definition, those who partake in civil disobedience understand and accept the punishments associated. Therefore it does not open the door up to those who wish to take advantage of civil disobedience as a way to bypass a law.…show more content…
Due to his religion which shunned violence, Ali was an outspoken opposer of the Vietnam War and its draft. Many called him a “draft dodger”, but in fact Ali took no actions to avoid his punishment for opposing the draft, making this another prime example of civil disobedience. Because of his actions, the boxer was stripped of titles and sentenced to prison before his appeal in 1971. Today, however, the Vietnam War is widely regarded as a mistake on the part of the United States, proving the validity in Ali’s civil disobedience to oppose the
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