How Did Jim Crow Laws Keep African Americans?

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Jim Crow laws were created to help the south keep Africans from contributing to society and keeping them separated from the “favorable white people.” They did this by making laws such as White and Black only water fountains, seats, bathrooms, etc. Even though Jim Crow was outlawed once the Civil Rights act was passed, it has created a long lasting tension between people. This is shown by radical groups such as the Black Panthers and KKK who have created a long lasting hatred towards each other. Jim Crow has created a long lasting effect on both past and present generations of different ethnic people by allowing certain people to obtain a job based on how their name sounds, keeping different ethnicities stuck in poverty, and by creating ethnic…show more content…
This is shown by the creation of radical groups such as the Black Panthers who have sworn an oath to take care of their fellow “black” communities, while swearing an oath to hate towards all whites and even doing things such as beating/killing people who are white because of how Africans were treated in the past. Nobody, not even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself, could have expected that after abolishing segregation, and Jim Crow that so much hatred could be released towards each other. The reason that segregation has kept people in poverty, is because due to their attitudes towards other ethnicities, it keeps them from advancing and life and keeping hold onto things that were a mistake and shouldn’t have been done; but they don’t feel like they deserve to be forgiven which is a sad shame for people. Once people are able to forgive each other and can forgive themselves, they will begin to get out of poverty and provide for themselves; and they can begin to get along with others which will lead to the manifestation of a society where people won’t feel hatred towards each other and could escape the deeps grasps of poverty. Also, when people begin to not feel hatred towards each other, this begins the actual dream of world peace, but can’t be achieved because of the indifference between them. When another person of race/ethnicity comes into an…show more content…
This is shown especially by New York with the very different cities such as Little Italy, Chinatown, The Bronx, etc. The enclaves keep ethnicities separated from each other, which leads to huge disagreements between people who they don’t know and don’t understand due to a difference in culture and not understanding their own customs. Since these people don’t understand each other once being stuck in these ethnic enclaves for years; and going out into the real world is a real challenge for them because some cultures have different ways of operating than others, and this can lead to horrible disagreements. For example, if a Chinese enclave such as Chinatown disagreed with some towns of Italians per say over their customs and how to treat each other, it could lead to a huge fight between the neighborhoods. This creates discrimination because when people don’t meet new people with different cultures, they begin to think that their own culture is superior to others; and they don’t want to leave their own little cities. Which leads to a very large and huge financial gap between so many cultures just because they don’t want to get to know each other. Jim Crow although disbanded, and has been called inhumane has still lingered throughout today’s society. This is a shame because many people seem to think that they’re better than each other and has created job opportunities for people based
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