How Did Joan Of Arc And Sappho Influence Women

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Women that were strong leaders of the past like Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt, Joan of Arc, and Sappho had to fight for their positions as leaders in society so they could inspire future women. For Queen Hatshepsut fighting for a leadership position meant reversing what Egyptians believed women could do politically and religiously. While for Joan of Arc it was disproving derogatory opinions on how much power women could hold over a military. Sappho was such a great poet that her work spread around the Mediterranean, but due to objectionable themes in her stories they were soon banned and burned which was fully because she was the only female poet to use licentious content in the antiquity period. Female leaders who held staple positions in society during their times like Joan of Arc, Hatshepsut, and Sappho have influenced women throughout the ages and today to incorporate what they accomplished…show more content…
During the first part of her life, she had defended the cause of women against literary misogyny in a debate known as the Querelle Des Femmes (The Saint Joan Of Arc Center). Despite the odds stacked against her by her gender, she became one of the most distinguished writers of the later middle ages (Castor). More importantly, she led France to a victory in battle against England and won (Castor). Many people were amazed by her victory especially as a woman leading an army that large the first time ever (Castor). Women from Greece, Turkey, and China were all inspired by her story to fight for their country’s freedom (The Saint Joan Of Arc Center). Joan influenced Churchill and General Charles De Gaulle as well as the French resistance to Nazi occupation during World War Two (The Saint Joan Of Arc Center). Joan of Arc was a female leader who fought for her country and herself which in result influenced people around the world throughout the

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