How Did John Adams Sign The Declaration Of Independence

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President John Adams was born on October 30th, in the year 1735. They used a different calendar back then so technically he was born on October 19th. The town he was born in was called Braintree, in the state of Massachusetts. The town is now called Quincy, Massachusetts. John Adams was the oldest of three boys. He had two younger brothers, Peter and Elihu. Since John Adams was the oldest son, he was expected to go to the best university possible. In 1751, when he was almost sixteen, he earned a scholarship to Harvard University. After he graduated from Harvard in 1755 he decided to be a grade school teacher for 3 years. During this time he met James Putnam, a well known lawyer, and he became interested in law. James Putnam helped him study and in 1758 he finished his Masters degree at Harvard and became a really good lawyer. John married Abigail Smith on October 25th, 1764, a minister’s daughter. They had four children; Abigail Amelia, John Quincy, Charles, and Thomas Boylston.
John Adams was the very first Vice President to exist
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He was one of the two presidents that signed the Declaration of Independence. There were 56 people total who signed the Declaration from the 13 original colonies they had formed as a new nation, The United States of America. The declaration of independence was a formal explanation saying that America was declaring independence from Great Britain, leaving the british empire and being free and independent from British Rule. John Adams played a major role in being a leader who pushed for Independence. On June 11, 1776 the Continental Congress appointed five leaders, called the Committee of Five, to write a document explaining why they were declaring their independence. The cause of this was because they were at war with Britain for a year. That 's why we celebrate the fourth of July, it is a very historical moment for our Country that wouldn’t have been created without
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