How Did John Deere Change The World

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Anybody can think of an inventor that changed the world. The light bulb is still affecting the world to this day but the light bulb is not the only invention that is still changing the world. A lot of great inventions are only around until the technology around them changes so much that they become obsolete. If those inventions wouldn’t have been invented the world wound not be the same as it is today. There are many different people that change the world daily. In fact, we all affect the world daily, sometimes there is a negative impact and other times there is a positive impact. Only a few people get to change the world after they die. Even fewer get to change the world for hundreds of years after they die. One person that is affecting the world positively many years after his death is John Deere. There is a common name behind today’s mega Agriculture Company John Deere. John Deere may have died over 125 years ago yet he still affects everybody today. Whether people know it or not a piece of john Deere machinery may have touched something that they use a regular basis. John Deere is culturally significant…show more content…
John Deere started a small company in Illinois and now it can be found in 30 different countries. Many people use the equipment produced by John Deere on a daily basis, the equipment has many different uses. From harvesting fields across the Midwest to mining for gold in Brazil. John deer surrounds many different people across the world this was all started by a common blacksmith in Illinois. When somebody says John Deere everyone immediately thinks about that big green and yellow tractor in the field. There isn’t a person that doesn’t know what John Deere is. But there are many people that don’t know the story of how a small poor man grew his small blacksmith shop into a large shop making and it even grew much bigger into a company worth “26.1 Billion”
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