How Did John F Kennedy Influence The Audience

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Kennedy our 35th President started his political career in 1946 running for Congress in Boston. He was a mediocre speaker at first, and seemed very insecure. But as time progressed, he became one of the best public speakers of all time.So by looking at how he grew into a great speaker, we can all learn to connect better with our audiences. Kennedy’s voice and appearance were pleasing to his audiences wherever they were. His audiences liked him. His style was perfect for what the people wanted at the time, and he could communicate in many ways. Kennedy, as president, was the symbol of a new generation, as people felt a new excitement that had been missing. JFK had an inspirational style of speaking to many of his audiences.He had great credibility so he could use visionary language to motivate the audience in selling them the ultimate dream. The way he was able to build up so much emotion to a large audience was amazing, especially in his Berlin Speech. He had a way with words that would raise people's hearts to achieve their goals and to become the best they could be. No matter how the situation was going. With all that being said we realize public speaking is very important in a lot of
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