How Did John F Kennedy Trip To Texas

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November 22, 1963 is the date that Americans know as the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It was almost time for another election, and Kennedy began campaigning by traveling, speaking in 9 different states in less than a week. Kennedy stressed the importance of winning both Texas and Florida, and made plans to visit the two states to gain support. One goal of his trip to Texas was the unite the Democrats, since there was an ongoing feud among political party leaders there. Also, a group of extremists was also present in Texas; the group attacked a US Ambassador after making a speech in Dallas just a month before Kennedy 's visit, making him more reluctant to leave Washington. Kennedy started his visit to Texas by giving a speech in Fort Worth that morning, and then took a short flight to Dallas.…show more content…
Kennedy arrived, they were seated in a convertible behind Governor John Connally and his wife, Nellie; they were to participate in a parade with a presidential speech following after. Although, Kennedy never got to make that speech. Around 12:30 p.m. that day, the gunshots were fired, striking the president in the neck and head, causing him to slump over on his wife. Kennedy was rushed to the nearest hospital, but it was to no avail. Once he was pronounced dead, his body was transported on Air Force One, and Vice President Johnson stood up and took his oath of office. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and held as Kennedy 's assassin, but was also shot on live television before he could actually be charged with anything. JFK 's funeral was modeled after Abraham Lincoln 's, and while his body lay in the Capitol, about 250,000 people passed by paying their respects to the lost president. The assassination of president Kennedy definitely shook up Americans, the entire nation finding it hard to grasp that it was a real thing that actually
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