How Did John Locke Impact Society

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John Locke was an important person during the Enlightenment. He was someone who had many ideas. He played a good part in developing the world that we now live in. His writings and ideas made big impacts that affected a great deal of people in ways that affected big changes on the way these countries developed. He even contributed to some of the biggest contracts in the world. John Locke was born August 29, 1632. He eventually became targeted by the government because he disagreed with some of the decisions they had. He forced out of England in 1683 because of a failed assassination of the King. After this, he made writings called the Treatises of Government. The first writing was about the monarch being the human's natural system while the second writing was about what is needed to…show more content…
A major part is that he contributed to something as important as the Declaration of Independence shows that he is such an important part of our history. With his ideas in the governments, that has helped people see how much different things can be if one government is not being ran the way it should. I think that has a big part in the shaping of how the government is now because no one wants a corrupt government. Locke has influenced our education today and school systems. I think that is something majorly important because we need the education that we have now and that is because of John Locke. All in all, John Locke's ideas have influenced the world. Without his ideas many of the things that are important, such as the government, would be way different and worse. He has gone down in history as being one of the most powerful people and as someone who made a big impact. He has influenced the wars and revolutions along with treaties and other political papers. Without John Locke, America and other countries would not be the way they are today. Works
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