How Did John Locke Influence The Constitution

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Complete the following short answer questions THOROUGHLY and THOUGHTFULLY. Insufficient answers will not receive full credit. Answers should be in another color. Be sure to choose a color that readable! 1. Describe two ways John Locke influenced the Constitution (not the Declaration…). John Locke influence the constitution through his idea of social contract, which is the concept that people give their consent to be governed. In return of the consent, the government provides protections such as civil liberties and state protections. These are a few of the examples the social contract theory implies. Another key component Locke influenced the Constitution is through his philosophy of natural rights. While composing the Constitution,…show more content…
Describe two weakness of the Articles of Confederation and explain how each was addressed in the Constitution. Government could not tax the people. This was crucial because following the Revolutionary War of 1775, the American government was in great debt. The lack of funds to pay the soldiers influenced Shay’s rebellion. This was inspired to create enumerated powers of congress. This allowed congress to create a state tax for people. Another strong weakness was the independent states and lack of a strong national government. The lack of central government in the confederation of the states, such as the taxless people or the devalued and varying currency in different colonies, wore down the foundation of the new nation. To address the problem in the creation of the Constitution, Jefferson created his three branch system which contained legislation, judicial, and executive. The brilliance of the new system was each system checks upon the other system, otherwise known as checks and balances. Jefferson provided a way to prevent the feared tyranny and dictator rule. 5. Provide one example from the Constitution for each of the following principles. Separation of powers: Judicial, Executive,
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