How Did John Locke Not Approve In Lord Of The Flies

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John Locke would without a doubt not approve how life is run on the island in Lord of the Flies. He would not approve because they, have and exercise the right to a revolution and use it wrong, they violate the people's natural rights and because the government does not provide equal protection.
The first reason he would not approve is because the people had a right to revolt and used that right. When jack and the hunters, the choir, went with Jack separate they revolted against Ralph they used that right. It is a good thing they used that right but they did not use it because their natural rights were not protected they revolted because they did not like how Jack was reluctant to go hunting right away. Revolting because of reluctance is not a valid reason to revolt. This is not considered a revolt at this time because all natural rights are protected.
Another reason John Locke would not approve is because equal protection was not given. When Jack hunted and got meat the first time he provided extra portions to his favorites. Also when Ralph went on a exploration in the beginning he did not bring Piggy with and left him with the others. In the beginning he does not protect Piggy by telling everyone his name is “Piggy” this is not protecting because it …show more content…

When Ralph told everyone on the island Piggy's name is Piggy violating his right to life by not allowing him to not living without threats to his life. The main part of John Locke’s philosophy is that government protects natural rights. Also when they were trying to kill the beast they killed Simon violating his right to life, something Locke would not approve. Again when Jack and his tribe killed Piggy his right to life was violated. Because Ralph is left alone he is feeling unsafe threatening his right to life also. He is feeling threatening also when they try to come at him with a stick in order to attempt to kill

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