How Did John Locke's Beliefs Affect Today

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John Locke was an extraordinary man doing something no one could do in his time. He spoke of the right to life, liberty, and property. He believed everyone had the same rights. And that slavery put people under absolute power under another person, which he thought unfair. It did not matter what race or religion you followed; however, he believed atheists were a threat. Many of the things Locke spoke of still affects today’s society. John was a social contrast theorists, which is a view that a person’s moral and political obligation are dependent on an agreement among them to form the society they live in which was given to them by equality. He did not only believe in equality in government but in religion too. John believed that religion …show more content…

He believed atheists lacked this. In fact, he supported the ex-communication of atheists. He thought that whatever religion someone was they had to repay God in whatever way. It did not matter how, only that they did give back because humans were in debt to God for the creation of themselves and the things provided to them. Religious people feared death meanwhile Atheist did not. Because of this John thought they had to be stopped. In today’s society people do believe in equality for all including for atheists. Locke’s views on slavery was nontraditional to people of his time. He believed it put people under a “state of war”. He meant that if someone was to be enslaved that would mean taking away their rights and freedom. It put “arbitrary power of another” which was not what he taught.He believed anyone born and created by God was equal and that no one had a higher rank. This went against the divine rights theory which was popular at the time. Just as Locke taught American views adapted to his concept. People now in today’s society believe in equality and freedom for all. Everyone has the same right as each other and no one is above anyone else. John Locke’s theory opened many people’s eyes and it changed society and built in into what people see these days. Equality plays a major role in Religion

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