How Did John Locke's Ideas Influence The American Revolution

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Identify the ideas and works of the following Enlightenment thinkers:
1. Discuss the contrasting ideas of Hobbes and Rousseau
According to the video “Enlightenment Thinkers”,Thomas Hobbes believed man is naturally evil and therefore needs an absolute monarch to govern and make choices for them (Mr. Byrd). “Enlightenment Thinkers” also mentions how Rousseau held that a social contract exists between the people and the government where the government should protect the people’s rights, once government oversteps its boundaries the people have the right to rebel (Mr. Byrd).
2. How did Locke's ideas influenced the American Revolution?
John Locke believed man had natural rights or “inalienable rights” that could not be violated, he asserted government
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He proposed finding one's own happiness rather than looking into the metaphysical optimism propagated by Leibniz, which he severely denounced in Candide (2016).
11. How does Empiricism compare to Rationalism?
The video “The Age of Reason/The Enlightenment” claims Empiricism focuses knowledge on all of the five senses, while Rationalism makes the assertion that all ideas should have grounds on reason, not on religion or emotion (MarshallMallow).
12. What is Skepticism? What does it mean when we call someone a "skeptic?"
According to the video “The Age of Reason/The Enlightenment”, Skepticism doubts absolute truths and asks questions to challenge these principles, to call a person a skeptic signifies their doubtful position about an idea/philosophy/doctrine presented as truth (MarshallMallow).
13. What is your interpretation of the relationship between science and religion?
Personally, I believe science (or Creation) proves the existence of God, but modern science, such as evolution and humanism, serves the purpose to discredit religion and disprove God’s
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