How Did John Marshall Dominate The Supreme Court

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The longest serving Chief Justice in Supreme Court history, Marshall dominated the Court for over three decades and played a major role in the improvement of the American legal system (Mod. 3b). John Marshall was a chief for 34 years leading the supreme court. Chief John Marshall performed a key role in the power of the federal and state governments during the mid-nineteenth century. Marshall gave it the strength and weight of the third, equivalent branch of government. Marshall's Court formed the new country with its understanding of the Constitution and the setting up of various early appropriate points of reference that was better describe, the part and size of the federal government. Marshall advanced Federalism and the thoughts of the Federalist Party. His powerful decisions molded American government, making the Supreme Court the last judge of Constitutional. During his time…show more content…
The Court called the "Necessary and Proper" clause of the Constitution, which allowed the national government to pass laws not named in the Constitution's list of express powers, gave those laws appropriately encouraged the express powers of Congress under the Constitution( I agree with the expansion of the size and scope of the power of the national government. I think the McCulloch v. Maryland which expanded the power of the national government. The government improved a lot over the years with all the cases under John Marshall control. This case described the federal power and arranged the foundation for economic growth in very basic ways. The Constitution grants to Congress implied powers for implementing the Constitution's express powers, in order to create a functional national government
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