How Did John Marshall Support Federalism

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Federalism was an influential political movement that supported ratification of the US Constitution and was discontent with the Articles of Confederation that limited the central government’s power. The outlook and vision of the Federalist Party called for a stronger national government, a loose construction of the Constitution and a mercantile, rather than agricultural, economy. Leading Federalists Alexander Hamilton and Chief Justice John Marshall helped shape the development of our nation’s government branches with their views that they expressed about ratifying and interpreting our Nation’s newly drafted Constitution. For Federalists during this time period, upholding and honoring the United States Constitution was extremely important in order to safe guard…show more content…
Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury, had a vision of a strong national government and a strong national economy. He proposed a multi-facet plan to help the states and federal government out of debt. A large component of this plan was to create a National Bank. Alexander’s plan was strongly opposed by Jefferson’s Party as they found it unconstitutional for Congress to pass this bill to give the federal government control over a National Bank. They feared a strong central government, as active opponents of the English government and argued that giving too much power to the federal government could lead to tyranny. Alexander counters Jefferson’s argument stating that the “Elastic Clause” and Amendment X gave Congress the right to make laws that are “necessary and proper” to carry out other powers given to Congress. His argument was the bank could be constitutionally created to help Congress in the tasks that were constitutionally given, such as taxation. Alexander’s views were later accepted and his loose interpretations of “necessary and proper” are still the basis of how laws are passed by Congress
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