How Did John Mccutheon Violate The Treaty Of Versailles

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In order to put an end to The Great War (later known as World War 1) president Woodrow Wilson created the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty would end the feud between Germany and the Allied powers, along with reassigning German boundaries and making them pay reparations for the war. Therefore, Germany would not participate in signing it. The most controversial part of this treaty was the League of Nations, an international organization to resolve the foreign disputes. United States senators fear that it would cause America to participate in more international conflicts, causing them to be against it. In the political cartoon “Interrupting the Ceremony” by John McCutheon, a wedding ceremony between Uncle Sam, representing the United States, and “Foreign Entanglements” is being directed by a man reading from the League of Nations, trying to get America to join. The US Senate breaking through the glass, as he holds “Constitutional Rights”, represents the Senate’s disapproval for the treaty. As represented through the cartoon, McCutheon was against the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles because he did not support the League of Nations and favored the Senate and its ideas.
The marriage between Uncle Sam and “Foreign
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He displays his hatred for the League through his political cartoon “Interrupting the Ceremony”. I believe that McCutheon successfully portrayed his feelings against the Treaty of Versailles and was able to back up his feelings with strong evidence and reasoning. The idea of creating a wedding scene between America and “Foreign Entanglements” allowed for the audience to connect to the image and better understand the situation that the Senate was in. All in all, McCutheon created a political cartoon to display his feelings for being against the ratification against the Treaty of
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