How Did John Proctor Maintain The Moral Code In The Crucible

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Can a man maintain his moral codes whilst living in an immoral world? John Proctor from the play ‘The Crucible’ was able to maintain his moral codes by attempting to save his wife from being hanged and he died a respected and remembered hero of Salem. Born in 1912 Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish man trying to live up to his parents name, became the most influential person in saving Jews from Hitler in WW2. He maintained his moral codes while living through a war and was respected by the Jewish community. Both of these people were very influential to the people that they lived among, inspiring people to reach their full potential and influence the world themselves.
John Proctor
Firstly John Proctor, a well renowned man in Salem was
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Raoul Gustav Wallenberg was born near Stockholm, Sweden, on August 4th 1912. His parents both came from prominent Swedish families, whose members included bankers, bishops, diplomats and professors. In the early 1940s Wallenberg had taken a job with a Stockholm-based food-exporting company. The owner of this company happened to be a Jewish man who could no longer travel safely to Europe, because of the Nazi territory. From this Wallenberg decide to replace him on trips and consequently became acquainted with Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Wallenberg then went on to open a Swedish Embassy and hired 400 people, many of which were Jews who were granted diplomatic immunity, to operate the facility. Wallenberg’s office during the following moths provided protective passports to around approximately 20 000 Jews. The passport which the Jews received allowed them to take shelter under the Swedish flag. He also created many safe houses that served as hideouts for thousands of Jews. Therefore up until his mysterious arrest and death Raoul Wallenberg maintained his moral codes during WW2, by handing out thousands of protective passports and saving thousands of Jews from Hitler’s concentration
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