How Did John Smith Influence 1970s Culture

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John Smith: The 1970s Culture
Many social and economic changes have occurred in American culture since the 1970s when unity in the family and social life was common. People who grew up during that time, such as John Smith, can attest to these changes. In this interview, many issues of social and family engagement as well as technology and politics that took place during the life of an interviewee come out. In the past, social fabric was very strong, the father was the main decision-maker and breadwinner, and people pursued education in order to succeed in life.
Mr. John Smith grew up at a time when industrialization had taken hold of the American way of life. Television had a significant influence on people’s lifestyle since a section of the population tried to copy actors’ style. In addition, foreign trends entered American culture as people adapted traditional music of other
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Ordinary citizens respected the authority, and they worked honestly to get their living. This contrasts with the present situation where most people lack integrity in things they do. In addition, students no longer focus so much on learning in order to enter good universities. In the 1970s, the most important thing in life was to acquire the highest level of education and secure a well-paying job. Today, this is no longer a priority to young people as there are many ways of getting an income without completing a university degree. Technological advancement was not very important to many people because it did not really influence their personal life. However, the story is different today since technology touches every part of an individual’s life. The family has remained relevant over time. It was largely composed of four to seven people, but now it can have only two members. The parents are equally responsible for the family and decisions made, and they have to consult on all matters that concern
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