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The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey The unsolved murder of the six year old beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey has left the nation shocked and heartbroken even 20 years later. With the lack of verification from police, citizens from all around the world have resulted in making eyebrow raising speculations all on their own. The young beauty was born into a lavish way of living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Born August 6th 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia, JonBenet Patricia Ramsey was the daughter of a wealthy businessman and fashionable socialite. JonBenet’s father, John Bennett Ramsey, was the president and chief executive officer of Access Graphics, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. Her mother Patsy Patricia Ramsey was a former pageant star and popular…show more content…
One of the conspiracies that includes Patsy and Burke Ramsey was the “Bedwetting Rage Theory.” The story is that the older brother Burke killed JonBenet, letting out his pent up rage after she peed her bed and crawled into his in the middle of the night. “The cops first inkling of suspicion came the morning after JonBenet’s body was found in the basement room, when Burke was taken to a friends house without asking a single question about why all the police were in his house or where his sister was. (Day to Day)” Two weeks later burke shocked a police psychologist by shouting, “I know what happened. She was killed. Someone took her quietly and took her down in the basement...hit her on the head. (Day to Day)” Police also say Burke had lashed out on his sister before, once hitting her in the face with a golf club, cutting her cheek. Detectives took various handwriting samples from anyone suspicious to the case. Patsy’s left hand sample matched the ransom note closer than any other sample provided. If Burke did indeed kill his younger sister, Patsy wrote a forged ransom note to cover for her 9 year old son’s actions. If Burke didn’t kill JB, Patsy wrote the note to cover for someone else; herself. Many are led to believe that Patsy was scolding JonBenet when the situation became violent and Patsy pushed JonBenet into the tub causing her to hit her…show more content…
One case that has been recently brought to the public, was the intruding of local dump owner, Michael Helgoth. 26 at the time, Michael allegedly killed JonBenet simply because he was a perverted psychopath and was in search for money. “A legendary homicide cop, uncovered clues indicating that Helgoth and two to three accomplices went to the Ramsey home… shocked her with a stun gun, bound her wrists tightly with a cord, gagged her with duct tape…used an expertly tied garrote to strangle her so tightly her hair ripped out. (Haley)” Another idea that was broadcast to the media was the public confession of John Mark Karr. John was a sex offender in his mid 40’s who confessed to raping and accidentally killing JonBenet Ramsey in her basement. “...We know that in the last 12 hours the Thailand police trotted him out before the media in Bangkok, where he confessed to the murder in front of the press and claimed it was an accident.(Day to Day)” He claimed he was in love with JonBenet and that the death was unintentional, however none of his confession matched any of the DNA evidence provided. Although these cases are questionable and intriguing, police are led to believe the intruder knew JonBenet. According to forensics, JonBenet had her favorite food, pineapple in her digestive system just a few hours before her death. This

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