How Did Joseph Stalin Fall To Power

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With a feeling of distrust towards the educated and raised by a dysfunctional family, Joseph Stalin released his anger over all of Russia with mass amounts of power. Joseph Stalin, the leader of Russia from 1924 until his death, is remembered as a murderous dictators, creating the largest man-made famine in history, all as leader of the communist party of Russia. Born into a poor, dysfunctional family, Stalin had a feeling of distrust and anger toward those around him instilled in him from a young age. He quit his education as a priest, as he was drawn towards revolutionaries and the Bolshevik movement. His actions, however, were unlike Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik party; Stalin was reckless, and his actions drew Lenin’s attention, allowing…show more content…
He yearned for greatness, to be on top of everyone and everything. His economic policy was created to make Russia an industrial powerhouse. His 5-year plan would enable rapid industrialization by coordinate investments and production to collectivize agriculture and build heavy industry. Stalin bragged about to booming economy, seeing that much of the capitalist economy in the West was struggling through economic depression post-World War 1. This success, though, came at the cost of human life, with millions dead from man-made famine and cheap labor in gulags. Stalin though little of the deaths, and focused on his competition. When war threats arrived in 1939, Stalin quickly ignored them, citing his non-aggression pact with Hitler to divide Poland and leave each other alone. When the attacks came, the army was unprepared and suffered horrible losses. Stalin had previously purged much of the military after many reports possible attacks, so the recovery process took time before the country could make a credible defense. The Red Army, Russia’s defense military, liberated many Eastern European countries well before any US threats. The army consisted of many prisoners who were liberated from the

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