How Did Joseph Stalin Influence People

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One of the biggest questions people ask is how can one person influence hundreds of people to kill. Many people think of Joseph stalin, Adolf HItler, and Jim Jones. According to, Joseph Stalin killed about 35-49 million people. Adolf HItler killed roughly 11 million people ( And lastly, Jim Jones killed around 900 people ( But the real question is, how did they do it? Jim Jones influenced people through trust, Joseph Stalin influenced people through threat, and Adolf Hitler influenced people through manipulation.
Jim Jones grew up going to church with his neighbors, and he became strongly religious. After years of going to church, Jones told everyone that he was going into ministry, he got
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He did very well and was offered many scholarships. But, Stalin was getting involved with Messame Dassy. Messame Dassy is a “secret organization that supported Georgian influence from Russia.” He joined Messame Dassy in 1898. Even though Stalin did very well in school, he eventually left after 5 years. He then put effort into the revolutionary movement that was going on in Russia at the time. Joseph joined the Social Democratic Labor Party in 1901. Stalin was so dedicated to this movement, that he got arrested for creating a labor strike and was held in Siberia. After escaping from Siberia, he was known as a outlaw, and was hiding from the Okhranka ( In 1922, Stalin became the General Secretary of the Communist Party. This means that he was the leader of the communist party. Stalin became so powerful that he could not be stopped. He controlled the soviet union by terror. If you disagreed with him, or you didn’t like what he was doing, he would kill you, have you killed, or put you in a labor camp. Joseph Stalin was the cause of many deaths in Russia, from actually killing people, or to all of the people who died from starvation. Stalin was a ruthless leader who influenced his followers by threat

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