How Did Julius Caesar Corrupt

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Joseph Sosidka 10/26/15 Julius Caesar was born during 100 B.C. While he was of noble birth, his family was neither rich nor influential. His father died when he was a teenager. The Rome that young Caesar lived in was corrupt. There was a lack of proper order and could hardly control its size or influence. He knew this and decided on concentrate on his country 's nobility. At this point, Caesar was betrothed to a wealthy young woman named Cossutia. Not soon after, the betrothal was broken and at eighteen married a women named Cornelia. Together they had a daughter, Julia, who ended up being his only legitimate child. The Roman dictator at the time, Sulla, demanded that Caesar divorce his wife or risk losing property. When Caesar refused, he…show more content…
This would help him raise a greater army that would help cement him as a note worthy roman leader. Without mercy, he took the rest of Gaul up to the river Rhine. While this was happening he kept up with politics and had agents in Rome acting on his behalf. Around 56 B.C, the First Triumvirate was having problems. Pompey, who once desired Caesar 's growth, was now skeptical about how much power he was obtaining. Along with this, Crassus had never completely stopped being bothered by Pompey. The three had a conference in Luca to temporarily make them all happy. The conditions were Caesar would control his territory for five more years, Crassus received a five-year term in Syria, and Pompey a five-year term in Spain. The flames did not simmer though. After three years, Crassus was killed in a battle in Syria while Pompey was still concerned about Caesar. Being a threat to one another, civil war eventually broke out between Caesar and Pompey. Pompey proved to be no match for Caesar and his army. He pushed them back and Pompey fled into Egypt where he eventually died. While there, Caesar allied himself with Cleopatra and had a son named Caesarion. Once he returned to Rome he was made dictator for
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