How Did Julius Caesar Impact Society

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Julius Caesar was great enough that his impact on the politics and society of Rome that all rulers and leaders after him called themselves Caesar. Whether or not he first created the salad named for him is uncertain. The greatness of Rome by the actions of Caesar under Julius Caesar brought the name Caesar into foreign lands to indicate a worthy leader. Thus Czar in Russia, Kaiser in Germany. Julius was born in 102 BC and died on the Ides of March 44 BC. Caesar was said to be a colossus who strode across the earth.

Julius arrived near Hannibal's legions and elephants as to harry Hannibal frpm gaining any victory. Caesar was said to have remarked that it was better to be first in a village than second in Rome. He would live in Rome and he would be first. He would live through all battles and betrayals until the last, Which ended his life in March 44 BC. Julius Caesar expanded the Roman Empire to the west into Gaul and north
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Ironically, after the fall of Rome it was these solid roads that allowed missionaries to travel the regions of Europe and spread Christianity. Many of these roads form the base of a more modern and modestly built road structure over the Roman roads.Julius Caesar and many issues in modern life were decided several thousand years ago.

Julius was born in the month that endured a name change, to July, in honor of Julius. Augustus chose that name to govern after his defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Augustus was then great enough to dare also take the name Caesar, change his first name and rule very well for many years as Augustus Caesar, seeing the rebuilding of the ports of Egypt to get produce to market in Rome, and Athen, others of less strength to demand.Southern Italy is dry and rocky and not good pasture land or much good for crops of any
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