How Did Julius Caesar Influence Rome

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Julius Caesar was a great leader who had many important impacts and influences on Rome. He guided his people through many troubles and overall helped them prosper, and he made choices that impacted his nation. He made choices and they impacted Rome, genres that authors use can help show people that. Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 100 B.C. Caesar’s family did not have influence or a lot of money but when Caesar became ruler of Rome he became one of the most rich influential people in Rome. Julius Caesar made many choices that had a very positive consequence for Rome and made Caesar many allies, however he also made many enemies. When Caesar returned from Spain he joined forces with Pompey and Crassus in the First Triumvirate to get them to…show more content…
Caesar went to Africa to battle their forces and was victorious. After returning Caesar was awarded the position of dictator and governed like a military leader often by announcing things and expecting the rule to be followed. The Senate would then put them on record as decrees. Caesar’s choice of leadership was overall beneficial for Rome however many were against it. His type of leading made many politicians angry which was one of the key reasons why he was assassinated..Caesar’s dictatorship is regarded as a good time for Roman prosperity and in many ways Rome benefited however many senators especially those in the Optimate faction who were Caesar’s political enemies thought he would become a king and get rid of the senate. This was the motivation for assassinating him. Caesar was killed on March 15 44 B.C. at the foot of Pompey’s statue after being stabbed 23 times by the Senate. Caesar made many choices that impacted Rome. Most of those choices had a positive impact on Rome and was an important part of Roman history. Not all of those choices were had the best impact and resulted in some sort of problem for Rome. Even on some occasions people were killed. Caesar's choices definitely impacted Rome a
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