How Did Katniss Everdeen Change In The Hunger Games

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Term 2 Assignment
This term I have read two books, James Dashner’s The Scorch Trails and Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. The genre of The Scorch Trails is science fiction. This is shown through the novel with new advanced technology in the future. The genres of The Hunger Games are drama and action. Drama is shown with great emotion as Katniss saves her sister, loves Rue but cannot accept the fact she got Rue killed, and falling in love with Peeta. Action is demonstrated during the arena scenes with Katniss fighting for her survival. These books for me are “just right” books.

The Scorch Trails is told in third person limited. This greatly affects the novel in many ways. Throughout the novel, the protagonist, Thomas, meets new characters who know exactly what happened to the Earth. If this point of view was omniscient, we may have found out more information about it, instead it gives the novel more mystery. This point of view also leaves questions about the characters that have been separated. For example,
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Her emotions toward Peeta change drastically. During the beginning, she believes that Peeta being nice to her was his strategy to kill her during the games. Her emotions change after the rule change in the middle of the games. Katniss finds Peeta who works with her to win the games. Katniss had changed during her childhood as well. After her father dies and her mother shuts everybody out, Katniss becomes tougher and determined to keep her family’s stomachs full. When Katniss meets Rue, she begins to realize that other districts have different have different problems than her. During their conversation, Rue states “Oh [] I’ve never had a whole leg to myself before” (Collins 202), at this moment, Katniss realized that her district, District 12, was not the only district that starves. Katniss started to understand other problems in Panem as Rue told Katniss about her
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