How Did Kennedy Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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President Kennedy accomplished many tasks to ensure the rights for African American citizens. Most African Americans were struggling to fight for their own individual rights as a citizen, but it was extremely hard for them because of segregation. John Fitzgerald Kennedy made a huge impact on the Civil Rights Movement and he fought as hard as he could to make sure there are equal rights for all citizens of America. Kennedy and Nixon were both debating in 1960, however, the civil rights issue could not be ignored. In 1960, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and John Kennedy called Mrs. King about his concern. Seventy percent of African Americans voted for Kennedy, because they had high expectations for him in office. He did not focus too much on Civil Rights when he was first elected, but he appointed African Americans to high-level positions. The presidents also strengthened Civil Rights commission and spoke about school desegregation. Kennedy faced strong oppositions for wanting to desegregate America, but that did not stop him because he believed in equal rights for every citizen. Many demonstrations, marches, and speeches from African American citizens were causing…show more content…
During this time in America, things were hard for African Americans and other races that were not white. Citizens who wanted freedom made many violent protests, demonstrations, and marches. The President, John Kennedy, made sure that could happen by making a civil rights bill and hiring African Americans in high level positions. After Kennedy was assassinated, Lyndon Johnson took place as president and made sure to pass the civil rights bill in honor of Kennedy. Many people disagreed with Kennedy and Johnson, but they still kept working as hard as they could to make sure what is right
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