How Did Kennedy Shot Lincoln's Assassination

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On the night of April 14,1865 president Lincoln was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth. But Let us take you back to the days and hours before this tragic killing of president Lincoln. First let 's go back to March 4, 1865 when president Lincoln was sworn into office. Sources tell us that it just so happens that Booth was at Lincoln 's inauguration. Word has it that booth wished that he would of shot Lincoln then and there. Now on the morning of April a very reliable source tells us that first lady Mary Todd Lincoln sent out the Presidential messenger to hand deliver a letter to the owner of Ford’s theater. The inclosed letter said that president Lincoln and ULysses S. Grant would be attending the performance ” Our American Cousin’. IT just so happened that John Wilkes Booth worked at that theater. Which meant he knew every…show more content…
I hope who ever told Booth that the president was coming that night to the theodore didn 't know that deep down Booth wanted the president dead. some of our other sources tell us that Booth already had a 44 caliber single shot stored away and hidden somewhere. the only thing was with a regular military grade gun back then they could usually shoot about 5 times before you would half to stop and reload. but not with this 44 caliber it could only be shot 1 time before having to be reloaded. So Boothe would 've only had one shot to kill the president Cause in the time it would take him to reload the president 's guards would of caught him. so at 8:30 that night president Lincoln 's carriage pulled up. sources say that Lincoln showed up with no bodyguards or any of his staff. a fellow employee of Booth held the reins while booth went inside. at 10:00 pm Booth knew that Harry Hawk would be on stage by himself. So once he went on stage alone Booth opened the door and went into the president 's box and once the crowd burst into laughter,he pulled the trigger and shot President Lincoln the the back of the head. Booth had succeeded President Lincoln
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