How Did King Arthur Lived

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There are many different opinions about the Arthurian Legend, what he was like, who he really loved, if he was nice, and how he lived. The one fact that seems to be undisputed is that King Arthur lived in the fifth-century, and was a British general fought against the Anglo-Saxon tribes. Everything else about King Arthur is debated among historians. This essay will include the very beginnings, where it started, why it is important, what it meant to the people then, what it means to us now, and how the Arthurian Legend has changed. So, where did it all begin? The first mention of King Arthur is in The History of Britons which was written in 830 by an author called Nennius saying “Then in those days Arthur fought against them with the kings of the Britons, but he was commander in those battles.” (Nennius…show more content…
When the monks of Glastonbury Abbey in England announced an pretty incredible discovery. According to historical records, the monks began to experience dreams and visions about King Arthur, which prompted them to consult with King Henry II. Henry informed them of a long-kept secret of the royal family : Arthur’s remains were buried in the churchyard of St. Dustan in Glastonbury. Of course a search was soon commissioned. Upon excavating the indicated area, the searchers unearthed a massive oak trunk, and buried sixteen feet deep just as Henry described. Inside was a human skeleton which confirmed that they had discovered something special. There were two skeletons, lying next to them. The identities of the two remains were described on an archaic lead cross with the Latin message translated “Here lies interred the famous King Arthur on the Isle of Avalon”. The evidence now suggests that the grave of King Arthur was just a very elaborate hoax, designed to benefit several parties. Unfortunately, the bones and cross went missing so we cannot use modern technology to see if they were actually the real bones or

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