How Did King Louis Xiv Affect The Economy

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King Louis, also known as the sun king was a very extravagant ruler and had absolute control of France for the time of his reign. During this time, Louis spent large amounts of money on his interests, while having great influence over the people with a strong personality and making sure other influential people did not go against him.

One of the effects on France by Louis XIV”s rule was the damage he did to the economy with things such as his own extravagances and a large amount of spending on the Versailles palace. Many other conflicts, such as the widespread persecution of Calvinist Protestants (known as Huguenots in France) and France’s involvement in many unsuccessful war campaigns caused France’s deficit to be double the amount of the yearly income of France. The damaging habits of the king and the damaged economy nearly pushed France to disaster and were just one of the many problems that emerged from the reign of Louis XIV.

Another aspect of Louis XIV’s reign was the fact that he had a very powerful and influential personality and he had absolute control over the people of France. Louis forced many important nobles to live with him in the Versailles palace so that they would not be influenced by the lower class people to revolt. By doing this, he essentially became the centre of their lives. The nobles had to take ballet lessons
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His extravagances, unsuccessful war campaigns and the amount of money spent on the Versailles caused the deficit of the country to extremely high. Despite this, his powerful and influential nature may have prevented a revolt by preventing powerful nobles from being influenced by the lower class to revolt against the king. Based on this information, it is shown that King Louis May have been an influential person and ruler, he did many things that damaged France’s economy and increased its
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