How Did King To Kill Becket's Death

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In the middle of the 12th century, King Henry II had a friend and trusted confidante in the person of Thomas Becker. In late 1170, Henry II’s words would incite four knights to murder Becket. In this paper, we will examine the proposition that Becket deliberately pursued a policy that led to his murder to advance his cause.
Becket was the son of a London merchant, by training an accountant, who rose to become the Archbishop of Canterbury. Becket had worked for his cousin who was a banker. In 1145, Becket became confidant to then Archbishop Theobald of Canterbury. Theobald believed that the Church and the Crown should co-operate through a process of reasonable compromise. Theobald had cleaned up several situations that arose when the Pope tried to interfere in English affairs. At the
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During the last attempt to capture Becket in the cathedral at Canterbury, a scuffle ensued and Becket received a blow to the head which escalated the violent nature of the scuffle. Becket died later that day. While opinions about Beckett and his motivation were split, his public admiration soon won over the hearts of his detractors and he accomplished in his death what he had been unable to accomplish in life. Becket became a martyr almost instantly and Henry lost the main argument that had existed between the two men. Henry would perform a public penance, and would negotiate a compromise with the Pope which would allow for a reconciliation between the church and the crown. Henry lived out his remaining days regretting his actions which led to the murder of Becket, his friend and confidante.
The relationship between Henry and Becket remains a mystery to this day. What actually drove Becket to undertake his course of action is not known. It certainly appeared to the casual observer that Becket deliberately pursued a policy to advance his cause which ultimately led to his
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