How Did Kokoda Invade Australia

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World War Two caused the death of millions of innocent people and the destruction of thousands of years of civilisation through the viciousness of mankind. World War Two started on the 3rd of September 1939 when the allied forces declared war against Germany after the unprovoked attack of Poland and didn’t end until 1945 with the defeat of the Japanese imperial forces. The battle of Kokoda began on July 21st 1942 when the Japanese imperial army invaded Papua New Guinea with the intent of capturing Port Moresby and using it as a launching point onto Australian soil. The battle ended on January 23rd 1943, resulting in an Allied victory. There were four peoples at war in Kokoda, those were the Australians and the Americans, who were allied. The …show more content…

He envisioned a pure and powerful Germany. World War Two officially started when Germany invaded Poland, this was what provoked Britain and France to officially declare war on Germany. The war was a result of political viewpoints like Fascism, Militarism and Nationalism and Germany’s search for revenge and justice after World War one. Perhaps the most significant battle in Australian history is the Battle of Kokoda. Kokoda began after the Japanese Imperial army invaded PNG in an attempt to capture Port Moresby and use it to launch an attack and invade Australia. The Battle of Kokoda was a Japanese attempt to isolate Australia from their allies of the US so that they could not use their resources and weaponry. Kokoda was a direct result of other failed attempts by the Japanese for example, the Battle of Coral Sea. Kokoda gave the Australian military the opportunity to fight a forward defensive battle on foreign soil rather than an attempt to repel an enemy from its sovereign soil, within its victory it assisted in improving the moral of both the soldiers and its citizenry by providing a much needed victory that showed the Japanese could be defeated. Additionally, it was the first occasion where the new alliance between the Australian and American forces was tested and with this the alliance was cemented not only for world war to but continuing to present …show more content…

Whilst war in the Pacific commenced on the 7th of December 1941, with the bombing of Pearl Harbour, Japanese forces landed in PNG on the morning of the 21st of July 1942. Japanese force were identified by both the native PNG population and long-range lookout officers of the Australian army with the first contact by Australian forces commencing on the 22nd of July. Several skirmishes took place up until the 26th of September when Australian forces commenced their major offensive. Numerous battles occurred over the next several months including the battle for templeteoms crossing, eora creek and oivigorari. The final push was marked by the incorporation of American troops and specifically the battle for the beachheads and Sanananda it has been estimated that these last two battle have cost the lives of upwards of 10 000 Japanese lives. These events solidified the resolve of the Australian military, never to fight a battle on its own shores a policy that is still maintained, further the battle of Kokoda was one of the first occasions where Australia and American forces combined in a military alliance with this alliance strengthen from this point onward with Americas now being a major partner in the defence in the

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