How Did Lech Walesa Caused The Spread Of Communism

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The mid and late 1900’s is characterized by the seemingly endless struggle of ideologies between the Soviet Union and their spread of communism and the United States and their idea of democracy. The spread of communism reached Poland, where Lech Walesa is from. Communism often takes the people 's rights which is unfair and an individual is bound to speak out in order for change to occur for the best interest of the people. Walesa stood up for the working people and ensured that Poland wouldn’t become oppressive like the Soviet Union. He is a notable and prominent figure in Poland which should be recognized for his accomplishments. Walesa created the first trade union in Poland, he was president, and he won a Nobel Prize. In a communist system trade unions aren’t allowed which is unfortunate because the workers are treated horribly with bad work conditions. Lech Walesa protested early on against the government for their treatment of the working class. Walesa partook in illegal unions which caused him to constantly lose his jobs and he was watched closely by the Polish government. He was arrested multiple times for his…show more content…
This was the first country under the Soviet Bloc to do this. Walesa ran for president because he wanted to get former communists out of power and he won the freely elected run for presidency. Poland had many issues and he worked to resolve them. He got the Soviets to leave Poland and improved greatly on the economy of Poland. He improved the conditions of the country significantly and parted ways with the previous established system of communism where businesses were owned by the government, now people were able to have their own business. He helped Poland a lot but people didn’t view him as someone fit for presidency and he lost his allies due to many reasons and he lost in the 1995
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