How Did Lee Harvey Kennedy's Effect On Youth

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Oswald jumped onto a bus and rode it to the Marsalis district. Lee was very nervous as the bus got struck in the local traffic. The traffic forced Oswald to get off the bus, he called a taxi. The cab dropped Oswald off at the 700 block of North Beckley, Oswald grabbed a handgun a light jacket so he could change his appearance. Around 1:15, Lee Harvey Oswald was walking down 10th street and was spotted by a police officer. The police officer was named J.D. Tippit. Officer Tippit heard the calls on the radio and stopped to question Oswald. Officer Tippet pulled his patrol car over, got out and moved towards Oswald. Officer Tippit didn’t realize who he was confronting. J.D. Tippit moved over to Oswald who was standing on the curb. Before the officer could do anything Oswald pulled out the handgun and shot Officer Tipplet several times in the chest. Lee Harvey Oswald panicked and ran down the street emptying his pistol of all its ammunition. He moved towards a gas station and west towards Jefferson Avenue. Many people saw Oswald shoot the …show more content…

The Dallas police dispatch ordered officers to move to the theater. Dallas PD quickly surrounded the theater and moved to arrest Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald tried to avoid being arrested, he tried to shoot another Dallas police officer. One of the officers punched Oswald in the face. The police quickly arrested Oswald. The police questioned Oswald over and over, he didn’t confess to the assassination of John F. Kennedy or police officer. Oswald continued to lie to the authorities about the rifle. Oswald was being moved after two days in jail. As the Dallas police moved him down into the basement of the police station, Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby, a low level thug and night club owner. “Oswald was in the process of being transferred from the city jail to the county jail when the murder occurred in the presence of over forty law enforcement officials” (Posner,

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