How Did Lenin Change Over Time

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Throughout Lenin’s life his ideas changed drastically. One of the changes involved his view on co-operations and their place in Russia. Another instance where Lenin changed his views regarded free press. And lastly his view on a coalition between the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and the Socialist-Revolutionaries changed from a supportive outlook to one of opposition.
Vladimir Lenin’s view on press and literature changed from the beginning of his career to later in life. This change is shown in Lenin’s 1900 paper “The Urgent Task Of our movement and his 1905 paper “The Party Organization and Party Literature”. In Lenin’s 1900 paper Lenin ridicules those who restrict literature and other press entities. This is shown in this quote from his 1900 paper “It is being pushed into the background, secondly, by those who restrict the content and scope of political propaganda, agitation, and organization”. Lenin’s change in ideas is shown in his 1905 paper “The Party
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While at first Lenin negotiated with the parties and was in favor of the accord. Later Lenin changed his view on the accord and rallied support against the accord. In his paper “Resolution of the central committee of the RSDLP(B) on the opposition within the central committee” Lenin states his opposition to the accord. This opposition is clearly shown in the following quote from his paper “the purely Bolshevik government cannot be renounced without betraying the slogan of the soviet power, since the majority at the second All-Russian Congress of Soviets, without excluding anybody from the congress, entrusted power to the government” (pg. 64). Lenin states in this quote that forming the coalition between the different parties would betray the Russian people because they voted the Bolsheviks into power not the Mensheviks or the socialist
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