How Did Lenin Contribute To Russia

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Vladimir Lenin created the Communist party of Russia. Lenin was known as one of the greatest successors because of his intellectual thinking, and his leadership skills. The Bolsheviks are the name of Lenin's followers, and they believed that turning their country into a dictatorship would be more beneficial than a monarchy because the people would be treated equally. Lenin's philosophies contributed to the way Russia operates today and throughout the 20th century. Due to the decisions that Lenin made, the people of Russia had both positive and negative feelings toward him (ducksters.com).

On April 9th 1870 , Lenin was born. He grew up in a family that had many beliefs and cultures, but both of his parents came from an Orthodox religion. Lenin's life altered when his father passed away, and …show more content…

This tragedy led Lenin to cease his belief in the Russian Orthodox Church and Christianity. His study at Kazan University opened doors to his niche of revolution and civics. He was then introduced to Karl Marx's form of government, and that is where he chose the path to turn his country into communists. He was banished multiple times because he was looked upon as an activist. Lenin was under watch of the police, but that did not put a halt on his plans of a revolutionary war because he eagerly wanted his country to be communist (biography.com). Lenin was permanently banished from Russia when World War 1 had occurred. The people of Russia were infuriated by the fact that their government was putting them into harmful situations during the war, so they decided to fight back. A similar type of government took over the Tsar, but Lenin had returned back to Russia with the help of Germany where he overruled both

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