How Did Lenin Contribute To The American Revolution

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Vladimir Lenin read the writing of Karl Marx which inspired him to declare himself a Marxist. After participating in Marxist activities, he was exiled to Siberia. When he returned from exile, Lenin and others co-founded a newspaper, Iskra, and Lenin progressed his leadership role in revolutionary movement by arguing for a slick party leadership community that would manage a network of lower party organizations and their workers. Citizens began to vocalize their discontent which allowed Lenin’s call to be supported. The emperor issued his October Manifesto to appease his citizens, but Lenin was unsatisfied. Lenin went into exile again during World War 1 and returned home in 1917 when Russia deposed the tsars. He launched the October Revolution which was followed by three years of civil war. He pushed to secured power through the Red Terror, a campaign Lenin operated to eliminate the civilian’s opposition. Even though he came out victorious, his vision of the country never came to fruition. In March 1917, Kerensky was chosen to be the Minister of Justice in the Provisional Government. He was promoted to Minister of War in…show more content…
He was exiled because he was involved with Marxist activities. He was exiled to Siberia and his exile lasted for three years. Russia is declared as a Republic by the provisional government. This allowed the founding of a new government Directorate. Russia ends its participation in World War 1 by signing a treaty with the Central Powers in Brest- Litovsk. Russia fought alongside France and Britain to deal heavy damages against Germany in World War 1. In the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Russia agreed to lose much of its former territory, a third of its population, and a majority of its oil, coal, and iron stores along with its industry. Tsar Nicholas 11 and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks in Yekaterinburg. This ended the three-century-old Romanov dynasty. They were shot to death in a hail of
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