How Did Leon Trotsky Impact The Russian Revolution

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An army of civilians takes their cause to the streets as public unrest grows to extreme levels. In the October Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky earned his fame when he attracted and led a group of rioting workers to overthrow the Russian provisional government with the means to put in place their own administration- the Bolshevik government, later known as the Communist Party (Barnes2 par. 17). Leon Trotsky greatly impacted the Russian Revolution through his aid in the development of the Bolshevik party, his support and actions in the Bolshevik party, and his leadership in the Red Army.
Leon Trotsky was highly involved in the Bolshevik party, contributing his service and support to the group. Led by Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the prime minister
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Lenin broke apart the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party by forming a separate Bolshevik party that represented a small minority of people (Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica par. 3). In January of 1905, unarmed protesters rebelled against the czar, but were killed by the Imperial Guard. Leon Trotsky rushed to support this rebellion and soon became the leader of the party. Trotsky’s actions caused him to be arrested, and once again, exiled to Siberia (Leon Trotsky Biography par. 6). Even though important figures in the government did not join ranks with the Bolsheviks, many workers and soldiers began to support the Bolshevik party after the February Revolution when Vladimir Ilich Lenin protested for peace and insisted that Soviets, workers’ councils, should take authority and could improve the country. Months after the February Revolution, in October, the Bolsheviks officially ruled Russia, (Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica par. 4). After the October Revolution in 1917, As dictator, Lenin fought in a civil war against the White Army, an anti-Bolshevik force. Lenin appointed Trotsky as the leader of the Red Army and Leon Trotsky began to play a much greater role in the Russian society (Leon Trotsky Biography par. 9). He led the Red Army to eventually defeat the White Army in 1920, and in 1922, USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was created ( Staff par.
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